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5 Ways to Scale Your Small Business
01 March 2019

5 Ways to Scale Your Small Business

It has been said that one of the worst things that can happen to a small business is success. Success, while the goal of any business owner, can cause growing pains for businesses who are ill-prepared for the growing demand. Don’t let that happen to you. To be prepared, learn five ways to scale your small business in this GSG Capital blog post.

Understand who buys your products

It’s important to understand how your product or service fits in the market and what need it is addressing for your customers. Better understanding your customer base will allow you to not only seek out more customers, but also make decisions that will be in their best interest. Doing this can help you keep your best customers.

Automate and eliminate

Preparing for increased demand means streamlining the efficiency of your business. Any processes that can be automated should be. This includes marketing automation, automated bill pay,  and rapid processing for payroll. Eliminate any tasks unnecessary to the management of your business by asking yourself: “Is there a simpler or more efficient way this can be done?”

Work on your business, not for it

In order to be truly scalable, your business should be able to function without you. Turn your focus to the big picture planning of your business instead of the day-to-day operation. Trust those you have hired to fill the needs of your business, and steer the ship in a way that is best for all involved.

Don’t be afraid to say no

When you’re first starting out every inquiry can feel like a small miracle, but don’t fall into a pattern of always saying “yes.” Accepting every client and opportunity that comes your way can actually hold your business back as you begin to scale. Instead focus on the avenues that make the most sense for your overall vision, and don’t be afraid to say no to the rest.

Explore financing options

During the growing stages of a business liquidity can be a challenge. Increased demand leads to greater expenditures on inventory and production, leaving less cash available for needed capital expansions. Explore your options with GSG Capital for business financing before it becomes urgent. www.gsgcapitalll.com and infor@gsgcapitalllc.com


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