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12 Ways to Help Your Reps Close End-of-Year Sales
29 October 2019

12 Ways to Help Your Reps Close End-of-Year Sales

Each year, November and December bring with it a certain level of anxiety for many sales managers. With fewer than 60 days left for sales reps to meet their quota objectives for the year, it's not uncommon for them to feel a bit overwhelmed. It's not only the rep who is affected, however, as sales managers typically inherit a fair amount of stress as well.
Sales managers whose own commissions and bonuses are based upon their reps making quota need to do everything they can to help push sellers in the right direction. Here are 12 ways to help your reps close their end-of-year sales and make quota.

  1. Encourage your reps to take a “one more” approach to sales. Whether they're selling PCs, projects or services, capitalize on situations in which they might be able to sell one extra thing.
  2. Ask sellers to spend two or three days focusing on nothing other than closing proposals that have been lingering in the pipeline. Even proposals from back in January are potential opportunities.
  3. Ensure that your reps are setting appointments now for January. This can help to give them a jump start on the year, and may even result in a few last-minute opportunities for 2019.
  4. Coach your sellers to upsell any add-ons that they may have thought best to leave out of earlier proposals.
  5. Push your reps to analyze all the proposals they've closed throughout the year to identify anything that a customer decided to hold off on. Now's the time to close these.
  6. Assist your reps in tackling any potential roadblocks that have been hindering a sale.
  7. Have your sellers conduct a review meeting with their top eight customers from 2019. Review the successes they've had throughout the year and identify what’s yet to be done before year-end.
  8. Instruct reps to call any customers they haven't spoken with in more than 90 days. Tell them to check in on the prospect's positioning for the start of 2020, as well as whether they may need a hand now.
  9. Remind your sellers to look for customers who have money left in their 2019 budgets that they may wish to allocate now to projects kicking off in early 2020.
  10. Have your sellers review their forecasts to identify specific steps they can take to close opportunities and who from your team they need to help make it happen.
  11. Have reps to remind customers that you welcome referrals. Many customers will be more than happy to oblige when they appreciate the great service you’ve provided. There might be a last minute sale in a new referral with end-of-year budget.
  12. Direct your sellers to call all prospects that have been putting them off. While not always the most comfortable route, especially for your sales reps who dislike prospecting, it's worth a call to inquire about prospect’s first quarter initiatives – and uncover year end spending opportunities in the process.




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