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Using Equipment Financing to Sell More Equipment
15 October 2020

Using Equipment Financing to Sell More Equipment

Most vendors that sell equipment or software typically are open to ideas to help them close the sale.

GSG Capital sees this up close as we work with equipment/software manufacturers and distributors, providing financing to their prospects and customers. GSG Capital sees generally two types of vendors:

Passive Vendors: These vendors generally offer financing only when the customer asks for it.

Active Vendors: These vendors use financing as a sales tool.  They proactively offer a monthly payment with every quote that goes out.

Here are some ways active vendors use equipment financing to close more sales:

  • Always mentioning that “financing is available”
  • Always offering a monthly payment with every quote
  • Proactively offer information on Tax Code 179
  • Use payment structures to meet cash flow hurdles

Ask any salesperson – the #1 objection to any sale is price. Equipment financing and monthly payments can eliminate that objection. It’s the ultimate deal closing tool, and active vendors and successful salespeople use it to its fullest.

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