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5 Benefits of Vendor Equipment and Software Financing Programs
05 January 2021

5 Benefits of Vendor Equipment and Software Financing Programs

You might be saying to yourself, “I sell equipment and/or software, why should I offer financing?” We hear it all the time. The answer is simple, vendors who offer financing options sell more!! Keep in mind, even if customers can afford to pay cash for their equipment/software, offering leasing and financing provides obvious advantages. These include yet not limited to tax relief, preservation of credit lines, cash-flow management, and the ability to stay ahead of the technology curve.

1) 100% Financing: Vendor leasing and financing programs allow traditional “soft costs” such as installation, freight, training, and licensing to be included in the financed amount. This helps to further reduce initial out-of-pocket costs for your clients.

2) Industry Expertise: Having a financing company on your side that knows your industry is important. GSG Capital has experience providing vendor finance programs in nearly every industry imaginable. We know industry terminology and can “talk the talk” with your customers and provide flexible equipment financing options.

3) Minimal Cash Upfront: Cash will always be king! Your customers have better use for their cash than tying it up in costly equipment purchases. Our financing programs require little money in advance; your customers can enjoy immediate use of the equipment as well as tax benefits at the end of the year.

4) Easier Selling: Rather than selling the total cost of the equipment/project, with a vendor financing program, you are selling a monthly payment that is often far lower than what the equipment will generate in profits. This allows the customer to justify bigger purchases that are paid for over time from the use of the equipment being acquired.

5) Shorten the Sales Cycle: The old saying is true; time kills deals. Equipment vendors need all the tools available to shorten the sales cycle. GSG Capitals streamlined application, documentation and funding process gets your customers the equipment they need, and get you (the vendor) paid FAST!

Contact GSG Capital for ways to help you close more sales by implementing a financing program.

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