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Use GSG Capital vs. Local Bank vs. Your Cash?
02 August 2021

Use GSG Capital vs. Local Bank vs. Your Cash?

Below are some of the key points that we see companies consider when comparing our solutions to their local banks or using their own cash…

Flexibility:      Finance 100% of the project (Software, services, hardware, & equipment)

Structures:     3 to 6 month payment deferrals plus up to 5 years

                        Loans or leases, No residuals

Guarantees:    Limited to None

Collateral:     Will not require a blanket lien on practice assets

                       Just the equipment/ software we are financing

Financial Statement Reporting:    Practice will not have to send us financials

Report to Credit Bureaus:    We will not report to the owners’ personal credit reports

Convenants:    None

Saving Borrowing Availability at your Bank:  

 If you use GSG’s financing, you will be able to protect your borrowing availability at your bank. GSG does not offer working capital or building loan financing. So if you use your bank to fund this project and you have some unforeseen cashflow needs in the future you may have limited borrowing availability at your bank.


Contact GSG Capital at info@gsgcapitalllc.com or www.gsgcapitalllc.com



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