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Is it Time to Replace or Upgrade Your Equipment?
15 August 2022

Is it Time to Replace or Upgrade Your Equipment?

Just before the virus-related shut down (24+ months ago), there was a major surge in equipment and software purchases. Since that time, many companies (the ones that survived) have managed payrolls and possibly delayed capital expenditures due to economic conditions and general uncertainty. Now we are working through inflationary pressures which is resulting in most companies remaining somewhat conservative in their capital budgeting.

Realistically a lot of companies’ equipment or software has started to age and may be at a at risk of obsolescence. There comes a point when the cost of maintaining a piece of equipment outweighs the cost of investment.

Whatever type of business you are in, updating your general, computer and/or office equipment should now be on your radar. Smart business owners are continually weighing the cost-benefit of updating and upgrading equipment. Is it time for you to replace your aging equipment?

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