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Attention Vendors!!:  Be a Total Solution
15 August 2022

Attention Vendors!!: Be a Total Solution

In today’s competitive economic environment everyone is looking for an edge – a way to get ahead of the competition. Consumers have become significantly more aware of their options, and that includes business to business customers. Whether they are buying a new sign, a POS system, or a new service truck, most customers are shopping around for the best deal. They are also more conscious in regards to their business cash flow needs – are you setting yourself apart from your competition and offering them a solution for this as well? If you are not, then its time you looked at offering financing as another solution.

Successful vendors understand the value of a Total Solution for their customers:

  1. Products
  2. Services & Consulting
  3. Financing

This three-prong method will allow you to sell more and retain customers moving forward because you are offering them everything they need. There is no need to go anywhere else! You control the sale by being a one-stop shop and you eliminate the last part of the sales cycle: how to pay for the equipment.

Offering financing will also reduce the length of the sales cycle and eliminate the need for chasing down those customers on net terms. You get paid faster and have fewer headaches. How can that be a bad thing?

You don’t have to understand the ins and outs of financing to offer it to your customers. You simply need a financing partner you can trust who will make it happen for you. This type of relationship can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line and should become part of your business model. It just makes sense.


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